Privacy Policy

Safeguarding the information Webmaster affiliates provided to the NiceRatios program is our main concern at Foda Interactive Corp.

The data each affiliate provides will be stored at a data base owned by Foda Interactive Corp and will be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement at the time of subscribing to NiceRatios.com. The information will be used for making payments and for the company's internal commercial promotions as well as to notify affiliates about the services offered by NiceRatios.com. At any time the Webmaster shall be able to request the company to stop sending him/her further information.

Foda Interactive Corp. undertakes not to sell or let the aforesaid information to third parties nor use or process it for any purposes other than those described in the above paragraph. At any time, the Webmaster shall be able to enforce the rights acknowledged by these provisions to request the data kept within the NiceRatios member's area be modified or cancelled. The foregoing shall be valid except as otherwise required by law or court order.